Ledbury Poetry Festival Podcasts

The Ledbury Poetry Festival took place between 30th June and 9th July 2016, and in amongst the many panels, readings and talks there were some of great interest to readers of Ted Hughes.

The Festival has now made a good number of these events available as recordings through their podcast, including a fascinating talk and reading from the poet and artist Frieda Hughes about her marvellous new collection Alternative Values.

You can hear Frieda's talk on episode 56 of the podcast here: http://www.poetry-festival.co.uk/podcast/56-frieda-hughes-alternative-values/

Jonathan Bate also gave a talk during the Festival on his recent controversial biography of Hughes, Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life. You can hear this event here: http://www.poetry-festival.co.uk/podcast/36-ted-hughes-the-unauthorised-life/