Archives and Resources

Helen Melody (British Library) has compiled a list of institutions holding archival collections of Ted Hughes

1. Special Collections, University of Exeter:

EUL MS 58 - Cave Birds (1975)

EUL MS 263 - Fair copy for Under the North Star (1979)

EUL MS 350 - Leonard Baskin and Ted Hughes collection of proofs. (c.1958-c.1998)

See online catalogue for more information.

2. The British Library:

Add MS 88918 – Edward James (Ted) Hughes Papers (1890-20 March [2005])

Add MS 83684-83698 – Correspondence and literary manuscripts of Ted Hughes and Leonard Baskin (1958-2000)

Add MS 53784 – Verse and prose of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath (1957-1962)

Add MS 78756-78761 – Ted Hughes correspondence with Keith Sagar (1969-1998)

Add MS 74257 – Correspondence of Ted Hughes and Ann Skea (1982-1996)

Add MS 83260 – Letters from Ted Hughes to Rosemarie Rowley (1993-1998)

Add MS 88612 – Letters to Elizabeth Compton from Ted Hughes and others (1963-1976)

Add MS 88613 – Letters to Jack Brown from Ted Hughes (1981-1998)

Add MS 88614 – Letters etc., to Peter Keen from Ted Hughes (1976-1985)

Add MS 88615 – Papers relating to the publication of River (1978-2004)

Add MS 88616 – Letters to Terence McCaughey and his wife Ohna from Ted Hughes (1956-1998)

Add MS 88617 – Correspondence etc., of Glyn Hughes with Ted Hughes and others (1956-2001)

Add MS 88948 – Olwyn Hughes correspondence

Add MS 88988 - Correspondence of Terry Gifford and Neil Roberts with Ted Hughes

See online catalogue for more information. In addition the library holds a number of sound recordings made by Hughes (please see the sound catalogue, Cadensa, for more details ).

3. Manuscript and Rare Book Library, Emory University:

MS Coll No 644 - Ted Hughes papers (1940-1997)

MS Coll No. 854 – Gerald Hughes papers (c 1910-2006)

MS Coll No. 865 – Letters to Lucas Myers (1955-1988)

MS Coll No. 866 – Letters to W.S. and Dido Merwin (1958-1969)

MS Coll No. 867 – Letters to Peter Redgrove (c 1966-1984)

MS Coll No. 870 - Letters to Edna Wholey (c 1947-1951)

MS Coll No. 895 - Letters to János Csokits (1960-2007)

MS Coll No. 924 – Letters to Ben Sonnenberg (1961-2000)

MS Coll No. 980 – Olwyn Hughes papers (1951-1997)

MS Coll No. 1014 - Letters to Frieda Hughes (1971-1997)

MS Coll No. 1058 – Letters to Assia Wevill (1955-1970)

See the Library’s finding aids and Hughes guide for further information

4. Special Collections, University of Liverpool:

GB 141 Ted Hughes MS (c.1955-1973) – Poetic drafts and correspondence

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5. Lilly Library, University of Indiana:

Ted Hughes MSS I (1957-1960)

Ted Hughes MSS II (1957-1962)

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6. Department of Special Collections, Washington University, St Louis:

MSS146 – Ted Hughes Papers ([1957-1979])

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7. Special Collections, McPherson Library, University of Victoria:

SC060: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath collection, 1959-1962

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8. Special Collections, University of Buffalo:

Ted Hughes in Poetry Collection, [1950s]-1981

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9. Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Columbia:

MS #0630 – Ted Hughes papers, 1968-1969

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